Celebrate the release of the new ‘Nitro Circus’ slot on Bitcasino

Written by Michael Stapleton - 05/12/2018

You have no idea how they manage to cheat death at every performance. Since 2009, the performers of Nitro Circus have used their extreme sports skills to put on a show for their fans. In that time, the bikers, skaters, and other athletes have captured the imagination of the world with their envelope-pushing antics.

So, when you heard Yggdrasil Gaming was working with Nitro Circus to create their own branded slot game, you got excited. It was a long wait from the April announcement to its release in November, but it’s finally here.

Bitcasino is one of the platforms included in the launch – that’s great news for you. Flush with bitcoins from this month’s ‘Black Friday’ sale (80% off the December peak of $20,000), you’re ready to spin up a small fortune.

Here’s some even better news: Bitcasino is holding a promotion to celebrate the release of Nitro Circus – check out the details below.

How does this promotion work?

From December 3rd through to the 6th, Bitcasino is hosting a special leaderboard contest. Between these dates, play Nitro Circus for a minimum bet of μɃ140 or €0.50 – the aim of the game is to get the highest coin win.

At the end of the contest period, the top 300 big winners will win an additional cash/BTC prize. 300th place is guaranteed at least μɃ5,400 or €20, while the 1st place finisher will take home μɃ1,630,000 or €6,000!

That’s not all, though – the top 500 finishers will be entered into a raffle. Two people will walk away with μɃ137,000/€500, with prizes being drawn for 97 others as well.

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